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Thread: Walk in the woods with Jazz and friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazz View Post
    Thank you.

    I work with one, and sometimes talk like her, but... no.

    It's a point and shoot in... I think auto setting. What should it be in? And, I have thought of getting a walking stick with the screw on top for a camera. What's DSLR stand for?
    Digital single lens reflex.

    From a personal standpoint (photographer living in my house, my wife) a DSLR is wasted on all but the most discerning of photographers. Sure you can make incredible images, but with a good point and shoot and the know how to use it you can do pretty darn well.

    I often see people spend anywhere from $1000-theskyisthelimit on a camera/lenses and have absolutely no idea how to use them. People get trapped in this train of thought that a better camera will make them take better pictures. Sure that's true but only up to a point. You have to apply a little knowledge at some point.

    An excellent point and shoot camera with manual options and a good lens can cost as little as $300. Personally this is what I choose every time, even though there are five DSLRs in my house. It basically boils down to convenience, at least for me.

    The moral of the story is if you want to take better pictures you should learn about F stop, exposure, ISO, aperture, white balance, and so on. These aren't your daddies 35mm camera, but a lot of that know how translates to the digital version.

    Lololol, who am I kidding, I post all my pics on this site from my cell phone! Don't take camera advice from me.

    :Stepping off my soapbox:
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