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I think you meant for this to go in the thread about the forum upgrade. I am looking into it, but it's going to take some time. I haven't been able to duplicate what your reporting. I promise I haven't forgotten what you've posted, but as I mentioned this is all going to take some time.
I did mean to post it in the forum upgrade thread. Sorry. I am typing now and I'm going to keep typing until I repeat the symptom.

I typed a lot and the symptom didn't repeat itself. Funny thing, I'm on my wife's computer right now. That makes me think the problem I had isn't related to your forum. Especially if you haven't heard anyone else mention it. So, save yourself some time and forget it. I'll try to isolate the problem to my PC. It only happens on the forum but the Spyderco forum is the only one I spend time on. I'll get on another one and if the same thing happens I'll know it isn't a Spyderco issue. So, if you don't hear any more about it, pretend I never mentioned it.