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Thread: Spyderco Knock-offs, "Replicas"and Fakes

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    I purchased a spyderco tenacious tonight on eBay from username "unitedoutdoors". It was for $29.99 shipped. I think this is a pretty good deal, and was curious it this sounds to good to be true, or is this a pretty reasonable price seen lots of times before. Also, has anyone heard of there being any fake "tenacious" models, or is this not an expensive enough model for the need to manufacture a fake?

    And hello to everyone here, I am new to this forum. Great to be on a knife forum for a change, I pretty much live on gun forums.
    Nice price !!! I won a bid for my Tenacious on Ebay for 21.00 shipped Best 21 bucks I spent
    Have there been any fakes on the Spyderco Para Military 2 that anyone has seen ?
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