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Thread: Citadel Mini Review

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    Citadel Mini Review

    Just received a Spyderco Citadel (83mm). At first glance this is a very well made knife in the Spyderco tradition. Blade came shaving-sharp, nicely polished and centered. The action is crisp and there's a nice snap when the blade is deployed. The safety, which I usually don't like on an auto, is nicely recessed and has a positive feel when operated. The handles are contoured and feel good in the hand in either the standard or "ice pick" grip and the bi-directional texturing feels very good and gives a secure feel to the knife.
    The only complaint I have, and it's very minor, is there is a slight gritty feel when the button is depresssed. It's barely noticeable but it's there and I'm sure an application of lubricant will surely smooth it out.
    All in all this is one fine auto knife and one Spyderco can be proud of and I'll probably be ordering another along with the Embassy.
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    Welcome to the forum, Magpie. Great review and pics.

    Quite a few of my Spydies have been gritty new out of the box, and my Protech auto button was exactly the same as you describe your Citadel. But after a good rinse with hot water, blow drying with a hairdryer, and some lube (I use mineral oil on all my knives), everything was fine.

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    I have had good luck with Militec-1 and a hot blow dryer.
    (Some take quite a bit of cycling during the process to smooth out)

    More S90v & CF please.......

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