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Thread: Show your Delica's

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    Hey boomer.. That is unbelievable!! WOW WAAAAAYYY SCHWEEEETTTT!!! Dang!!! John
    A great rabbit chase ends with a.. BANG!!!

    Never too old to relive your youth!!

    Life is to short to carry a cheap knife!!!

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    my zdp delica - almost scandi grind! cuts like a beast!

    Mule k390, Gayle Bradley Air, Gayle Bradley, S90V Military, s90V CF Military, Cruwear Military, Cruwear Military Collectors #13V, SuperBlue Stretch, Butch Vallotton Subhilt, Manix2 CTS-XHP, CPM-M4-Ti Military CF Scales, Para2 (xhp,m390,2x20cp,204p) , Laguiole Mandailles, Laguiole BrutdeForge Lame bélier doublePlatines, Laguiole enAubrac 13cm Lame Horn handle, Benchmade MINI ONSLAUGHT 746-1201 (Nr. 166 of 500)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BOOMER52 View Post
    Here's my latest... just off the machine. OD green G10 liners with black G10 checkered bolsters, acrylic MOONGLOW & ghost jade G10 back spacer.

    Thats a bad ass custom, had to say.

    Hello All. Just lurking around.

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    Good to see you around RIOT
    My 's:
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    Be nice if you were here to stay, Riot. Love this thread.
    - best wishes, Jazz.

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