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Thread: spyderco citadel auto

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Cook View Post
    so is this number c100?
    from the link 888knives

    Spyderco's C117 Automatic. Right hand deployment. Handle constructed of hard anodized, machined aluminum with bi-directional texturing for excellet grip, even in gloves. Flat saber-ground CPM S30V Stainless Steel blade with a 3 1/2" cutting edge. Swedge grind reduces weight and features spine jimping for tactile resistance. Back-up safety switch positioned adjacent to automatic-open button. Slack steel clip positions folder left/right hand tip up 3 screw attachement. Look for model C119 (3.5" blade) to come out soon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by swingshot View Post
    On a related note: Will the Citadel be produced either with a combo edge or Spyderedge?
    It was announced to be in PlainEdge only.


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    Are any C119 Citadels 83 mm build yet?
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    I've had my Citadel for about a year now.

    Having owned a number of auto openers over the years I have to say the Citadel is by far the best overall package to date.

    Very comfortable in the hand - opening is fast enough and solid lock-up - thumb serration platform is perfect - the lock feature is easy to use and does the job - plain edge is very sharp out of the box - and easy to touch up - carry wise no drama - I appreciate the stout point.
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    Here is a shot I took of one I just added to my EDC rotation. Love these BI-Directional Grips! One of my favorites, to say the least.

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