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  • Hammer Grip

    6 20.69%
  • Underhand Grip (blade edge facing upwards while in Hammer grip position)

    4 13.79%
  • Filipino Grip

    7 24.14%
  • Sabre Grip

    5 17.24%
  • Ice Pick, Reverse, or Pikal Grip (Blade edge facing Inwards)

    7 24.14%
  • Ice Pick, Reverse, or Pikal Grip (Blade edge facing Outwards)

    13 44.83%
  • Scalpel Grip

    2 6.90%
  • Foil Grip

    0 0%
  • Push Dagger Grip

    0 0%
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Thread: Knife Fighting Grips for Self Defense

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    Spyderco Forum Registered User Dr. Snubnose's Avatar
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    Knife Fighting Grips for Self Defense

    How you hold your knife for SD is really a personal preference...Here's a for your favorite knife gripping technique and tell us why you choose to use it....Let me first say there are no right or wrong answers... only preferences.....So let's not debate over which method is better but only what you choose to use and your reasons for it.....You may vote for multiple choices...Doc
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    Spyderco Forum Registered User bigkahunasix's Avatar
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    About 80% of my initial trainig was with a kabar and mid-size bowie and the filipino grip has always felt the most solid and comfortable. It also provides me the most accuracy for point strikes and power for slashes.
    I have found the pikal (forward or reverse) effective for sudden, ambush
    or suprise attacks.


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    Spyderco Forum Registered User Michael Cook's Avatar
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    For tip up edge out I use Michael Janich's modified Filipino sabre grip, alas there was no such voting option.
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    Spyderco Forum Registered User zenheretic's Avatar
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    Coming from the knuckle dragging school of knife defense, the hammer grip for me. It is instinctive, natural, and strong. KISS is my motto. With proper training, I'd imagine some or sort of saber grip.
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    Spyderco Forum Registered User KaliGman's Avatar
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    I have used and practiced most of these grips (and a few not on the list). I do not in general use the edge in pakal grip, as I prefer other options.

    There are three grips that I seem to use the most when I start adding stimulus to training and get into serious and fast training/sparring, so I voted for all of them--hammer, filipino/cancer/crab, and reverse/ice pick/pakal edge out. I have found that certain knives or situations call for different grips, and that one of these three will get the job done most of the time. I still use and practice other grips, though--call me fickle.

    Zenheretic's choice, the hammer, is one of the two grips I first teach my students. Why?--because, as Zen says, it is strong. It is hard to go wrong with hammer as a strong/don't lose the grip on the knife type of grip. When first learning students always lose the knife, and training blades are flying everywhere. If I were limited to only one grip for stick, knife, sword, tomahawk, etc. use, it would probably be hammer.
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    I've been trying to get out of the mindset of "favorite grip", but I keep getting hampered by the fact that, well, I have a favorite grip that I am more effective with. But I've been trying to mix it up, and concentrate on "survive regardless of grip".

    The grips I use are: pakal edge-in (fave), hammer (forward) grip edge down, hammer grip edge-up. The grip I strongly dislike is reverse edge-out. I won't use sabre, cancer, or any other grip in which my thumb isn't wrapped. Oops, didn't realize I could pick multiple choices so I am only showing up under pakal edge-in.

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    Spyderco Forum Registered User
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    I try not to get too fixated on a grip. I try to practice a variety....however I can grab the darn thing. My most important thing is it(edged,gun etc.) being locked in. In close spontaneous from the draw....hammer grip forward, reverse edge-in or out. Depends on the tool I have. Ice-pick is pretty instinctive up close
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    Spyderco Forum Registered User uhiforgot's Avatar
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    I am, essentially, untrained in knife related SD save for a few basics learned for the sake of practicing disarming techniques. Making no claim to mastery, I figure that a reverse/edge-out grip will allow me to keep the blade relatively concealed if needs be, and give me a strong cut for working inside (as I have no intention of reaching for my opponent). Thankfully I have never been faced with a situation that would demand drawing a knife to protect life and limb.

    One day I'll look into formal training.
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    Spyderco Forum Registered User Kaizen's Avatar
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    I personally would'nt necessarily favor one over the other of the various types that I do use, and that is: Make a fist, I don't care if it's pointing up or down, edge in or out. The way I've trained ( or, it doesn't matter. Cool thread though. I also train in MMA for sport .
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    Spyderco Forum Registered User dete's Avatar
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    not sure what half of those grips are because of terminology differences...

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    Spyderco Forum Registered User Majidoc's Avatar
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    I use the sabre grip sometime switching to hammer grip. I'm really old so I stay with what has worked for me and is natural for me. I also didn't know you could vote twice so I only voted sabre grip.
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