This is a sensitive subject, so I would appreciate your patience and understanding.

The hostility that seems to appear on the forum makes it an uncomfortable place to be. This is opposite the intention.

Much of the hostility seems to be centered around the "round hole issue".

After listening to comments, discussion and much thought (which requires time becausae I'm sometimes slow), I have a request.

I am asking you to pull any tag lines or comments that could be percerived as hostile or antagonistic to other companies in the knife industry, while on our forums.

I realize that to many, it is an important issue, and I will admit to being sensitive myself, but a negative approach is not good for the industry or Spyderco in the industry.

Intelligent, civil communication is more valuable.

We have always tried to "leave shiny footprints" where ever we go. I personally have tried to avoid negative comments towards other companies. (No, I'm not perfect either ) I think it serves to keep thoughts about Spyderco and other companies more positive than negative.

If you would like to be closely associated with Spyderco, which we greatly appreciate, it would be our wish that you consider leaving shiny footprints rather than hostile feelings, where Spyderco is concerened.

thanx much for your cooperation and kind understanding.