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    Rules for Posting in Gallery

    This warrants Rules being posted using two methods - Please Read!

    This Gallery is for you to post your images of Spyderco knives (and other Spyderco products). Please read these rules prior to posting any image.

    Please only post your own images. Please do not post images from others. Do NOT post copy written images unless you own the copyright.

    The same rules apply to this forum as in other areas of the Forums. Do not post anything offensive, vulgar, violent or otherwise questionable. Please be respectful to the members of our community and remember this is a knife forum.

    If you have any questions about whether or not something should be posted, contact Tazkristi (Site Admin) BEFORE you post it.

    Please keep text to a minimum, this forum is primarily for images not discussion.

    Now, get out there and post your pictures! Enjoy!
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    Hope this is ok considering the "keep text to a minimum" rule, but since I haven't seen anyone say it, thanks for setting this up for us Kristi!

    Edit: Just saw WhyNot's post in General Discussion, not the first then!
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    Hi Kristi, thanks for the new section. I think it's a very inspired idea to put a dedicated place for eye candy.
    Show 'em, guys (and gals)
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    100 kb file size?

    Any recommendations on what to use to reduce my pics to the allowed size? THX
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    Host them at some place like instead.
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    I use Microsoft's Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows XP. It's a free download from the following link:

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    Talking My new adventura and feniks led light

    i can't get a big picture in this message is this correct

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    I want to post a pic of how I used and enjoyed using my Spyderco yesterday. Then I saw the numerous threads of Spydie galleries and got confused. I was wondering if there is one general gallery thread of Spyderco pics or thread of pics of how you used them? I don't like posting it in a specific model-thread. Personally I think that's just boring to see a thread full of the same Spydies. I like the surprise element of watching pics of different Spyderco models in one thread. Any suggestion? Can I start a thread 'What did you do with your Spyderco?' or something?

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