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    Exclamation Sal's Casual Bombshell Thread

    Deacon had a good idea about the casual bombshells Sal drops in seemingly random threads: feel free to add them to this thread so we can see them in all there glory together:
    entries get older until mid page two then back to recent

    quoted on 10/3 from thread cf militry for 10th anniversary of c36:
    Quote Originally Posted by sal
    I can't say that the "anniversary" provided influence, but,

    we are in the middle of a test run (about 450 pcs) of CF millies. The edge is plain (sorry Spydutch), the CF is peel ply (so it has the same "grip" as G-10),

    Not much of a "show piece", but I do carry a CF version quite often.

    Should be out in about a month.

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