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Thread: Oh why spyderco?

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    So, today I received a knife catalog...lets just call it a low end knife catalog. Not sure what I did to deserve it, but it came despite my more refined edge tastes. Since it is about knives, and I'm in raging knife fever, I looked through it. It may excite some in this world, although unlikely few here, that the "Mortal Kambat Raptor" knife is marked down to $39.99. This 13-7/8 inch blade with an included leather sheath can be had for roughly the price of a Delica. Also you can save $10 on the "Alien Battle Sword". Apparently, "you have to see it to believe it". It is also $39.99, but bad news for you folks with cancer causing appliance power cords, it can not be sold in Kalifornia. (I guess Californians will never see it or believe it) I'm certain the ergos are great if you are a three armed Bizzlefinch from planet WhoFart. Further up the price ladder, the full set of fantasy knives, complete with certificate of authenticity, is priced for a mere $299.99. No current Spyderco is that steep, but I'm sure a few rare ones would go for that on eBay. However the fantasy knifes come with a real wood display case.
    Even in the modern world, everyone should have a daily carry knife. A person who accepts this as truth is free to choose whatever legal blade he wants. But if a person can only have one, it should be the one without peer. Thank you Spyderco, for providing that preference.
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    Nice thread, Zen! Some of the other catalogs out there play up some of their knives so much that it is laughable to those who know what a good knife really is. I end up reading them and doing what you just did- praise Spyderco for making the knife that we all know and trust.

    You had me laughing, Zen- great writeup!
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    Yeah. Okay. But will it (a Mortal Combat Raptor) like play on my X-Box, dude???

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    I just saw on Mordern Marvels, a show on gadgets, The "King of Gadgets", who sends out 3 million catalogs, says he beefs up his catalog with eye candy, stuff with no function other than it looks good in there, takes up space because he can't find quality stuff enough to fill it up, and he knows someone will buy it sooner or later because of the price.
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    Thanx much Zenheretic, appreciate.


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