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  1. I just bought an Endura4 black blade combination. What do I need to know?

    Well it is time to get another Spyderco knife. For me, it is not easy to select the perfect knife . Just too many to choose from.

    I finally settled on an Endura4,C10PSBBK. What a beauty.

  2. Thanks all. Good info. I'll work my way toward...

    Thanks all. Good info. I'll work my way toward 30.
    Mr. Sal, thanks for the welcome.
  3. Sharpening my Manbug, ZDP-189. 30 degree or 40 degree with a Sharpmaker.

    I read the instructions BUT, I have a good sharp blade with the 40 degree setting. Will I get a better edge with the 30 degree setting. I have the two brown and two white triangles that came with the...
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    I would like to see...

    a popular knife style, that has interchangeable blades made of different compounds. Like a knife blade compound that is good for daily chores, but would rust if you took it fishing, by the sea shore....
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