Millie models wish list

  1. Josh K
    Josh K
    So far, we've seen ATS-34, 440V, BG-42, S90V/420V, S30V. Various handles as well, mostly G-10 and CF.

    What is your ideal military model? Handles + blade, leave the liner lock as is.

    Mine would be a 1095 model with wooden scales.
  2. MountainMedic
    I think for me, the ideal Military would be to bring back the CPM D2 steel. I don't really have a preference for the scales. G10 would be fine, but then again, some sort of exotic wood would be really cool.
  3. yablanowitz
    To use wood scales, I think you'd need full liners. Even skeletonized, that's going to add weight, which is exactly what I don't want. The light weight is what I love about the Military.

    For now, the S90V/CF in my back pocket is my ideal Military. It will likely remain so until an S110V model comes along.
  4. Josh K
    Josh K
    Why would you need full liners? I wouldn't think it'd be as much of a "work" knife as the Military model was designed to be, but it'd be nice to have one I could dress up in. Polished clip, smooth wood scales, the nostalgia of a simple carbon steel that takes a very fine edge and is easy to sharpen.
  5. JBE
    Honestly at this point there is not much I'd change except for maybe offering different steels in various colored G10 handles instead of CF scales in order to keep the costs a little lower....Maybe a S110V model with dark blue G10 handles?

    Still it would be interesting to see the Millie finally produced with the Stop Lock and a multi-position clip.
  6. brj
    I too would like different steels on future Millies, leaving the handle as it is
    in fact, Spyderco's G10 is my favourite handle material, I like it even more than CF
    and for the love of God, please please DO NOT EVER change the splinter picker tip !!!
  7. Master K.
    Master K.
    I have the "lefty" model. Does anyone know if it is available in the safety orange? That would be on mine.
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