1. merthyrmafia
    As there ever been a carbon fibre Paramilitary, and if not what do you think the reason for not producing this in carbon fibre, because it would surely be a big seller.
  2. Iamthedudeman00
    Hum I think it would be very popular but it would definitely be worth waiting, as the para2 just came out not too long ago, you can imagine the fans are only getting over the new improvements on the para 2. I think spyderco is probablly waiting for us to cool down a little before they put the icing on the cake. It would surely be a spring run as well. What do you think?
  3. spydie fanatic
    spydie fanatic
    It exists...sprint run of carbon fiber and S90V!!

    Here its chillN' with an early millie

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