Where have you/do you serve?

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  1. bohica1998
    Which organization(s) have you/do you serve in?

    I was in the US Army Airborne for 8-1/2 years. I was with the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue (Ft Campell, KY) for a year and a half to two years. I was an EMT-A with the local ambulance service (Cherokee Village) for a year and a half.

    Please post where you have/do serve(d).
  2. raven
    Sgt. Gil Sanchez with the Las Animas County S.O. 13 yrs.

    bohica1998 started this discussion a bit before I started one ... I'll post here as well. Like to know who all the fellow 1st Responder and Military Crew Are . Take Good Care All and Be Safe Always.

    God Bless

  3. yowzer
    Among other things, I'm a volunteer EMT with King County Explorer Search and Rescue (Operating mostly in the mountains just east of Seattle).
  4. bohica1998
    Hey Raven, you know what they say...great minds think alike!
  5. raven
    "Great Minds Think Alike" ... Indeed bohica1998. Nice to meet ya and to all that have arrived so far ...Welcome and Nice to have you aboard. It's always nice to know who the folks are out there serving Take Good Care All and Be Safe Always.

    God Bless

  6. JBE
    Nationally Registered Paramedic for the last 16 years. Presently employed full-time by a third-service agency in rural Southwest Louisiana.
  7. Superfuzz
    Enlisted in the Army in '90 as an Infantryman. Served in Iraq, Kuwait, Egypt, Italy, Yugoslavia, Macedonia, and Serbia. I transferred to the USAF Security Police/Forces (MP) in '98. Subsequently served in Guam, Singapore, Thailand, Korea (here again), Italy, Texas ,North Dakota, Kuwait, U.A.E, and Iraq.

    Im currently a MSgt serving in the Republic of Korea. I will probably retire in 4 years at the end of this enlistment...unless I'm promoted again.
  8. tonydahose
    FF in the Chicago Fire Dept
    for a short time i was a Chicago Police Officer
  9. lamarrk
    Corporal Lamarr Kelley, Alabama State Troopers

    I retired after 25 years of service. Did just about everything there was before retiring.
    Currently working as a rehired retiree with the ABI ICAC / CyberCrimes unit as a member of the Sex Offender Locater and Arrest Team.
  10. ClusterFlux
    Got my EMT-B last december, and looking for a job in an ambulance, Currently volunteering at Boulder Emergency Squad, and have Volunteered at Eldora Mountain Ski Resort for the last 5 or so years as a ski patroller. I also got my basic Wild land Firefighting red card last spring too.
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