Guessing game

  1. Doc Pyres
    Doc Pyres
    Hi everyone, I think 'Ethnic Series' is a great idea for a social group, as it's an Ethnic Series Spyder that got me into Spyderco in the first place.

    I see Kristi is a member of our group, so here's the game:

    What do you think is Kristi's favorite Ethnic Series knife?

    (No prize - just for fun. And we may never know the answer because she'll just say "All of them." )

    Good luck, and to start things off, I say it's the Kris.
  2. jb2009
    I would bet that right now she is carrying a Chokwe, and loving every minute of that might be her temporary favorite...John
  3. Doc Pyres
    Doc Pyres
    I'm really looking forward to the Chokwe too. So many great ethnic Spyders....
  4. jb2009
    Any ideas when it might be due out.....I have an idea for a little customization....cant wait to see if i can do it!!! John
  5. brandonreed2008
    what kind of customization jb2009? i wanted to put foliage green g10 handles on it to go with my barong and future khukuri
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