Which Ones?

  1. bohica1998
    How many and which versions do you own?

    I have just started collecting this particular model. That being said, I seem to be acquiring the Rescue models as fast as I am getting these!

    I have:

    Native C41PBK
    Native C41PSBK
    Native C41PBK PRCA
    Native C41PBBK
    Native C41PPR (2)
    Native C41PSBBK (2) (One is a factory-second.)
    Native C41PSTN
    Native BRK (I know, I know)
    Native II CE SS
    Native III C78PBK
    Native III C78SBK

    I still have a looong way to go, but I am trying to collect as many different versions as I can.

    Latest addition: Native C41PPR
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