Daily Workout Regime

  1. Dr. Snubnose
    Dr. Snubnose
    Thought it would be fun to view each others daily workout/training
    Mine changes daily, but I'll try and give you an idea of one of the days training.
    Starts early morning with Self Massage and then Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan, I do Sun Lu Tang's original Long Form and and Double Edge Sword form 17 times each. The Broadsword Form 5 times and the Sun Style Spear form 3 times. If I have a partner I do about 45 minutes of Push hands (two man sets for sensitivity)and practice combative applications. And follow it up with some Chi Kung Exercise sets. continued
  2. Dr. Snubnose
    Dr. Snubnose
    continued: Afternoon is Arnis Practice, which is different flow drills and strikes about 1,500-3,000 strikes daily for the upper body with floor work, triangular hourglass and diamond patterns. Single and Double Sticks, Sword and Dagger, Empty Hand. I teach most evenings but try and get in about one hour of Blade work each day and 4 hours of Practice in Shaolin Kung Fu Late nights (early morning when things are most quiet)....Deep stretches and warm ups, Basics,Empty Hand Forms, Weapons training, (steel whip, spear, broadswords,double daggers, pole etc.)Iron forearm and Iron Palm training, Ground Fighting and Chinese Chin-Na, Meditation, External Chi Kung and Internal Chi Kung Exercise plus Chinese Leg maneuvers, kicks, sweeps and stance work... Next post I'll talk more about Blade work practice in detail....Doc
  3. raven
    My workout includes: running 1 mile every morning, I hit the gym for 2 hrs with different muscle groups ... 2 hrs a day, 5 days a week. Now during the summer I'll include Sprints on my racer for about an hour.

    On the weekends, I do flow drills with my girlfriend, who is very much getting into MBC and CBC. I really enjoy this, because she loves to learn and it keeps my skills sharp. I do a lot of flow drills I've learned from Mr. Janich's DVDs. Eye/Hand coordination has gotten amazing. DT/SD is a constant with my fellow deputies ... we're always training or doing drills to stay as proficient as possible (this also includes ground fighting skills). Take Good Care and Be Safe Always.

    God Bless

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