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  3. Can I get a title change please?
  4. Is the background color too bright?
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  6. Rquest
  7. Changing e-mail
  8. Serious question for Taz or Dapagco
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  12. Tapatalk please!!
  13. change since forum upgrade
  14. Thanks Kristi:-)
  15. Can't post images using ipad
  16. Threads with unread posts in bold
  17. More on posts not in bold
  18. Search time out 30 seconds.
  19. Issue with Advanced Search Function
  20. Thread in wrong forum
  21. Thread never appeared
  22. request to remove/delete account
  23. please delete my error
  24. Auto log out???
  25. SSL site odd looking?
  26. Difficculty posting
  27. Link in email taking me to the wrong post
  28. Moving pictures in forum albums?
  29. Did someone in Golden lose track of the date?
  30. forgotten password
  31. Can't Post Pictures, help
  32. Possible name change?
  33. Image attachment showing up as a link instead of a picture
  34. Changing (editing) a thread title after it has been saved???
  35. Email notices when posts are made to threads I'm subscribed to not working.
  36. Birthday is wrong
  37. Slow forum?
  38. Latest Posts Not Showing Up In Listings
  39. Main forum page "last post" not updating.
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  41. Can we get the "go to first unread" feature now?
  42. Display colors on forum when previewing a post.
  43. How do I change my name here on the forum, please?
  44. PM Topics invisible unless moused over
  45. Confused
  46. Someone is repeatedly trying to login to my account???