Spyderco Lil' Lum ~ C205G


Inspired by the timeless work of the late custom knifemaker Bob Lum, Spyderco’s Lil’ Lum translates one of his most popular and enduring ethnic designs into an extremely compact folding knife optimized for everyday carry. More info...

Blade Material: Laminated ZDP-189 / 420J2

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Spyderco Caly3.5 Carbon Fiber ~ C144CFE

MSRP $299.95
The leaf-shaped blade is made of three layers of steel. The core is high carbon ZDP-189 Japanese powdered steel, the outer laminated layers are softer, pliable 420J2 steel. More info...


Spyderco Calypso Jr. Burgundy FRN ~ C52BR

MSRP $104.95
Spyderco persistently pushes the envelope searching for, and testing higher performance blade steels. ZDP-189 is our latest offering and is rapidly asserting itself as an up-and-coming steel. ZDP-189 steel is a Japanese manufactured powdered metal with phenomenal chemistry and 3% carbon. More info...

Spyderco Caly 3 Carbon Fiber ~ C113CF

MSRP $259.95
The Caly 3 CFP, with its high-end laminated ZDP-189 blade steel with buffed carbon fiber handle is another variation of the knife that converted legions of knife buyers to the hard-use benefits of flat-ground leaf-shaped blades. ZDP-189 blade steel contains 3% carbon, making it harder. More info...
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