Spyderco Tusk ~ C06TI

The original concept of the Tusk was conceived by Sal Glesser in the early 1980’s. More info...

Handle Material: Glass Fiber

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Spyderco Cricket Blue Glass Fiber ~ C29GFBL

Blue Nishijin!
MSRP $154.95
Compact, unobtrusive, yet capable of cutting performance far beyond its size, the Cricket has long been a Spyderco fan favorite. More info...

Spyderco Cricket Glass Fiber ~ C29GF

MSRP $154.95
As one of Spyderco’s most popular and enduring designs, the Cricket has inspired—and will continue to inspire—numerous variations of its classic theme. More info...

Spyderco Chinese Folder Glass Fiber Handle ~ C65CF

MSRP $224.95
Spyderco combines a Nishijin glass fiber handle, with custom knifemaker Bob Lum's Chinese Folder design resulting in an Asian-influenced CLIPIT exuding the simplicity and function of traditional Chinese cutlery in a modern superior cutting tool. More info...


Spyderco R Nishijin ~ C67GF

MSRP $219.95
The Spyderco Sprint Run C67GF “R” is a based on the original C67 “R” released by Spyderco in the 1990s. More info...
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