Randall Made Knives Bear Bowie

RAN 12-8

$755.95 MSRP

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Technical Specs

Top cutting edge sharpened (approx. 5 ¼”). Brass double hilt, with forward curve. Duralumin butt cap. Designed for a big game sportsman who planned to use it for hunting.

    BLADE STOCK: 1/4"
    HANDLE SHAPE: Commando
    HILT STYLE: Forward Curved Double
    WEIGHT: 15 oz.

About Randall Made Knives

All Randall Made Knives are 100% hand made in the USA
No two Randall Made Knives are exactly alike, as no fixtures or patterns are used in their final construction. Please be aware, variations do occur. Each Randall craftsman is proud of the reputation these knives have as the world's finest.  And because each knife is hand-made, it possesses an individual characteristic and quality all it's own.   

All orders placed with the Spyderco Factory Outlet ship within 48 Business Hours.
Orders placed directly with Randall are scheduled for delivery in 58 Months.

Due to the limited availability of Randall Made Knives, Spyderco has implemented a maximum purchase of 1 per quarter per household.  No exceptions.

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