Province™ Boltaron® Sheath


$45.00 MSRP

Province Boltaron Sheath

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Technical Specs

The perfect complement to the hard-use Province, this custom-molded Boltaron sheath offers a more tactical style of carry. Incredibly durable, this snap-fit sheath is constructed with a symmetirical, two-layer “pancake” construction. Each side of the sheath is secured by a series of eyelets that can be used to lash it to military MOLLE gear and other platforms.

Further enhancing the variety of carry positions is the versatile G-Clip™. This clip can be attached to either side of the sheath, allowing it to be easily configured for inside-the-waistband carry and either edge-forward or edge-back orientation. The multiple mounting holes also allow the sheath to be set for vertical, horizontal, forward and backward cants.

This item is the Boltaron sheath made for use with the Province only. Knife sold separately.

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