Dodo™ Orange Sprint Run™


$199.95 MSRP

Technical Specs

The Dodo, went the way of the Dodo. After a long, successful run it was discontinued from Spyderco’s product line a number of years ago. It proved itself a highly popular folding knife, earning a coveted-spot among Spyderco’s Little Big Knife designs. Spyderco is reviving the Dodo in a limited Sprint Run of 1000 pieces.

Now more than ever, today’s politically correct world gravitates to smaller knives. Designing a small folder that looks, feels and cuts like a large knife requires superior handle ergonomics, high-level lock strength and quality materials, paired with that small blade. Short and squat, the Dodo’s blade focuses cutting power around an arcing belly that ends in a finely ground downward curving tip, ideal for detailed/fine cutting.

The blade is Crucible CPMS30V stainless steel available in a PlainEdge that is 2.125” (54mm) long. Its sensible-sized blade comes with a large obligingly ‘gripable’ safety orange G-10 handle. Finger choils ergonomically position the hand solidly on the handle from the tang to the tapered pommel for a fistful of leverage that functions flawlessly in a forward or reverse grip.

The locking mechanism is Spyderco’s Ball Bearing Lock™ featuring a contained steel ball-bearing that when opened, is thrust forward into a recessed area in the blade’s tang via a spring to lock the blade securely open. It unlocks by pulling back on the ball and can be accessed ambidextrously.

A flexible wire clip settles the Dodo tip-up in a pocket, suitable for left or right and carry. This Sprint Run is available for a limited time only.

Overall Length
6.18" (157mm)
Blade Length
2.13" (54mm)
Closed Length
4.37" (111mm)
Edge Length
1.75" (44mm)
2.8oz (79g)
Blade Thickness
.118" (3mm)
Clip Position
Tip Carry Position
Lock Type
United States

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