Spyderco ATR Stainless Steel All Black


$189.95 MSRP

Technical Specs

Always ready. Spyderco's stainless steel A.T.R (At The Ready) comes well-heeled with high-tech tactical features and is fully coated in non-reflective black Carbon Nitride. Drilled out of the stainless handle and clip are a series of holes. The holes lessen the folder's weight and make position spots for the thumb and fingers to index the knife into different grip-holds. The integral Compression Lock, locks open the blade by using part of the handle scale using fewer moving and wearable parts. Tip to tang the VG-10 blade is 3- 7/16 inches (87mm) with a snub-nose that cants upward becoming thicker at the tip for extreme and strenuous use. The hollow-ground blade has an additional dagger-grind down its center effectively balancing both sides while simultaneously enhancing tip strength. Unlike a traditionally ground dagger, the spine is non-sharpened. Positioned above the Spyderco Round Hole, a Cobra HoodTM juts a flange of steel out, over either side of the blade, guiding the thumb into position over the hole for rapid, by-feel, deployment. While you cut, the Cobra Hood creates a textured seat where your thumb finds slip-resistant purchase. Pre-drilled clip holes create the option of left or right-handed use and position the folder tip-up in the pocket. Overall length is 8- 7/16 inches (213mm), overall weight is 4- 3/4 ounces (135 g). Discontinued Product - No Longer Available.

Overall Length
8.5" (216mm)
Blade Length
3.438" (87mm)
Closed Length
5" (129mm)
Edge Length
3.25" (82mm)
5.25.oz (148g)
Blade Thickness
.125" (3mm)
Clip Position
Tip Carry Position
Lock Type

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