A.T.R.™ Stainless Steel


$169.95 MSRP

Technical Specs

A.T.R. is an acronym for At The Ready -- and it is. Spyderco showcases several technologically advanced features in this high-end tactical folder. The original model was released last year with a titanium handle. The new stainless handled ATR offers the same tactical features at a lower price point.

We precision machine a fistful of steel into a handle then drilled it full of holes. The holes lessen weight, doubling as indexing divots in order to rotate the folder from one grip position to another. A second set of holes machined from the contoured pocket clip line up with the handle's holes for balanced indexing. Curvy expansions on opposite ends of the handle flare outward into a choil and a pinky shelf insuring the hand remains gripped on the folder in any draw. Rated suitable for heavy or MBC-use, the Compression Lock is integrated, actually part of the handle scale. The VG-10 blade is hollow-ground with a sloping unsharpened swedge down the spine. As the tip sweeps down, the belly sweeps up to meet it, making a thick substantial tip for aggressive penetration and cutting. Seated above the Spyderco Round Hole is a Cobra Hood™. While deploying the blade the thumb naturally positions itself under the overhang of the Cobra Hood properly positioning the thumb pad over the hole by feel (rapid deployment). Once opened, the textured Cobra Hood functions as a support/control seat for the thumb while cutting. Clip fastens into pre-tapped positioning holes for tip-up, left/right-hand carry.

Discontinued Product - No Longer Available.

Overall Length
8.5" (216mm)
Blade Length
3.438" (87mm)
Closed Length
5" (129mm)
Edge Length
3.25" (82mm)
5.4oz (150g)
Blade Thickness
.125" (3mm)
Stainless Steel
Clip Position
Tip Carry Position
Lock Type

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