Military™ Model CPM CRU-WEAR Sprint Run™


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Technical Specs

This Military Model Sprint features a conventional Military Model PlainEdge blade-profile with a flat-grind and oversized blade hole. Machined onto the blade’s spine and choil are sections of jimping that inhibit the knife from slipping forward or backward when forcefully cutting or sawing.

The blade is matched with peel ply grey G-10 handle and a Michael Walker LinerLock®. The lock's liner is nested into the scale which augments lock strength without having to rely on bulkier full-length internal liners.

Crucible Steel Company produces performance automotive, aerospace, defense, and consumer-products steels. They also manufacture high-performance steels for the knife industry. Recently they presented Spyderco the opportunity to be the first production knife company to offer CPM® CRU-WEAR® to the public. A CPM® CRU-WEAR® Military Model Sprint Run became a reality.

CPM® CRU-WEAR® steel is an air-hardened powdered metallurgy tool steel. Crucible’s original smelted-produced CRU-WEAR® was created as an upgrade to A2 and D2 tool steels, both have earned longevity and respect in the cutlery business for their wear resistance and tough cutting performance.

Powder produced CPM® CRU-WEAR® ups the ante. Through powdered steel technology, the steel is made easier to machine with improved resistance to chipping over the original smelted CRU-WEAR®. The powdered variety also attains a higher hardness factor through greater percentages of tungsten and molybdenum that result in a secondary hardening response.

Overall Length
9.52" (242mm)
Blade Length
4" (102mm)
Closed Length
5.52" (140mm)
Edge Length
3.65" (93mm)
4.5oz (128g)
Blade Thickness
0.145" (3.7mm)
Clip Position
Tip Carry Position
Lock Type
United States

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