Baby Goddard Burgundy Sprint Run™


Technical Specs

Collaborations between custom knifemakers and production knife companies started happening in the 1980s. Taking one of a kind custom designs from handmade craftsmen and turning them into large run production knives benefited the knife industry in many ways but two most notably. It offers the man on the street opportunity to own a Loveless, Moran, Lile, Goddard or other master maker's design at a reachable price. It also introduced and exposed production companies to the talents, techniques and materials custom makers employed. Collaborations skyrocketed the ante in design, quality and variety of store-bought knives.

Wayne Goddard helped spear-head the custom knifemaking game. Considered by many the foremost historian and expert in steels and forging, he's also a columnist for Blade Magazine, book author and public speaker. Collaborating with Wayne is a fortunate experience for Spyderco and we've done it several times.

Our Sprint Run release of a Baby Wayne Goddard C20 is a way to own a true Goddard design. Burgundy Linen Micarta handle looks great, weighs little and carries on a keychain or in a pocket. It comes with a "Goddard Blade": a modified drop-point in VG-10 with a hollow ground CombinationEdge™.

Combining Wayne's design with Spyderco features such as the one hand open Spyderco Round Hole bring the best of both knifemaking houses together in a single high-performance piece. We believe you'll appreciate the refinement of the design and applaud your choice and patronage.

Overall Length
4.625 " (117mm)
Blade Length
1.938 " (49mm)
Closed Length
2.687 " (68mm)
Edge Length
1 13-16 " (46mm)
.75.oz (21g)
Blade Thickness
.078 " (2mm)
Clip Position
Tip Carry Position
Lock Type

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