Bug™ Set


$46.95 MSRP

Technical Specs

Spyderco’s micro-sized slipjoints are are available separately or packaged together as a handy gift set. Handle lanyard-hole welcomes a chain for wear around a neck or a keychain.

C133 Bug:  The Bug is Spyderco’s smallest fully functional folding knife. Despite its miniscule size, this tiny slipjoint folder cuts with authority and guarantees that you’ll never be without a knife again. Bugs are just 2.9" (74mm) long opened, and closed measure 1.63" (41mm).  Blade length is 1.27 (32mm) and they weigh only .4oz (11g).  Blade Steel is 3Cr.

C137 HoneyBee:  The middle child of the Bug family is the Honeybee. Like its namesake, it is a hard worker that performs tasks far beyond its compact size. Its 1.5-inch blade easily tackles serious cutting chores and when closed it literally disappears into your pocket until needed again.  Overall length is 3.66" (93mm), closed length is 2.06" (52mm), blade length is 1.6" (41mm) and weight is .6oz (17g).  Blade Steel is 3Cr.

C138 Grasshopper:  The Grasshopper is a modern expression of the classic slipjoint penknife and an indispensible tool for everyday cutting chores. Like its smaller counterparts, it features a Trademark Round Hole for easy two-handed opening, making chipped fingernails a thing of the past.  Overall length is 5.07" (129mm), closed length is 2.77" (70mm), blade length is 2.3" (58mm) and weight is 1.4oz (40g).  Blade Steel is 3Cr.

Handle lanyard-hole welcomes a chain for wear around a neck or a keychain.

Overall Length
" (mm)
Blade Length
" (mm)
Closed Length
" (mm)
Edge Length
" (mm)
oz (g)
Blade Thickness
" (mm)
Stainless Steel
Clip Position
Tip Carry Position
Lock Type

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