Delica® Damascus Sprint Run™


$319.95 MSRP

Technical Specs

More people have purchased Delicas than any other Spyderco model. Initially released in the early 1990s, it is still the gold-standard of workingmen and workingwomen's lightweight reliable folders. It's never been elegant or dressy but epitomizes function and cutting performance. That is about to change.

Spyderco announces the release of a limited number Sprint Run of Delicas featuring honey-colored jigged-bone handle scales, gold titanium bolsters and a PlainEdge Japanese VG-10 Damascus blade. A state-of-the-art cobalt stainless steel, VG-10 takes a highly retentive cutting edge. Through a process of stacking layers of VG-10 one on top of another then heat treating them together, an elegant swirled pattern appears while the steel remains superbly functional. 

The folder's titanium bolsters are gold-colored complementing the honey-colored jigged-bone handle scales. A channel cut crossway through the bolster on each side of the knife adds texture and slip resistance. 

Mid-positioned on the knife's spine is a back lock featuring a cut-away David Boye Dent for added safely and a piped lanyard easily accepts a thong or cord for secondary attachment. 

A dressy option for every Delica lover, it performs and feels like and old favorite but looks more like a custom piece and is guaranteed to be noticed. 

The C11JBOP is clipless and comes in a padded zipper pouch. 

Overall Length
7.063 " (179mm)
Blade Length
2.875 " (73mm)
Closed Length
4.188 " (106mm)
Edge Length
2.563 " (65mm)
3.7.oz (104g)
Blade Thickness
.093 " (2.5mm)
Clip Position
Tip Carry Position
Lock Type

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