byrd Crow


$20.99 MSRP

Technical Specs

Byrd knife's newest offshoot is the Crow. The aluminum handle is both featherweight and feather textured for ultra-light, slip free cutting. This feathered pattern radiates bi-directionally outward from the handle's center giving purchase to the palm when using a forward or backward cutting motion. The non-reflective black coated blade has a centerline grind and stippling (crosshatching) where handle and blade connect for better grip and cutting manageability. Full-length steel handle liners complement the handle and a Michael Walker style LinerLock locks the blade open for secure and confident cutting. The comet shaped opening hole is a trademark of the byrd knife line and is synonymous with the stringent quality requirements, high performance materials and manufacturing we put into each individual knife.

Crow combination edge

Overall Length
6.625" (168mm)
Blade Length
2.812" (71mm)
Closed Length
3.875" (98mm)
Edge Length
2.188" (56mm)
3.5.oz (100g)
Blade Thickness
.125" (3mm)
Anodized Aluminum
Clip Position
Tip Carry Position
Lock Type

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