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Seto Kitchen 5.9-inch Cook's Knife VG-10 ~ SK150

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length overall 10.25" (260 mm) blade length 5.90" (150 mm) blade steel VG-10
length closed () cutting edge 5.87" (149 mm) weight 3.3 oz (94 g)
blade thickness 0.067" (1.7 mm) handle material Epoxy-coated hollow stainless

SETO Kitchen Knives

For nearly 800 years, Seki City in Gifu Prefecture, Japan has been legendary for its production of superior quality cutlery. Among the many exceptional manufacturers in Seki, Seto has distinguished itself as one of the premier makers of world-class kitchen cutlery. Through an exclusive arrangement with Seto, Spyderco is proud to offer a unique line of Seto kitchen knives in either VG-10 stainless steel or breathtaking Damascus-clad VG-10.

These extraordinary knives feature hollow stainless steel handles coated with a proprietary high-tech epoxy coating used in the Japanese electronics industry. The knives’ full-length concealed tangs are welded to the handle at the butt end and supported by a heavy stainless steel bolster at the front. The resulting handle construction provides exceptional balance and its dimpled texture ensures positive control during even the most intricate cutting tasks.

The standard versions of the knives in this series feature full-flat-ground VG-10 stainless steel blades. The premium versions are crafted from Damascus-clad VG-10—a stunning blade material that consists of a VG-10 core clad on both sides by 16-layer Damascus. The blades are then etched and polished to reveal an exquisite Damascus pattern with a high-performance stainless core. Ground slightly thinner and lighter than their VG-10 counterparts, these extraordinary knives will elevate your kitchen cutting chores to true art.

The knives in this series include a 3-inch Paring knife, a 4.72-inch Utility knife, a 5.90-inch Cook’s knife, a 7.08-inch Santoku, and an 8.26-inch Chef’s knife. All these knives are exceptionally sharp and must be handled and used with extreme care. They should be washed individually by hand and not in a dishwasher.

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