Spyderco Ronin 2 ~ FB09G2


A direct descendant of Michael Janich’s original Ronin™ design and close cousin of the Yojimbo™ 2 folding knife, the Ronin 2 is based on a custom knife Janich commissioned from knifemaker Mickey Yurco. More info...

Spyderco Caly3 Super Blue ~ C113GGY

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MSRP $219.95

Overall Length 7.04" (179 mm) Blade Length 3" (76 mm) Steel SUPER BLUE
Closed Length 4.04" (103 mm) Edge Length 2.67" (68 mm) Weight 3.1 oz (88 g)
Blade Thickness 0.118" (3 mm) Handle G-10

Sprint Run Limited In Number

This Caly3 Sprint features Aogami Super Blue steel.  Aogami Super Blue is produced by Hitachi Metals at their plant in the Shimane Prefecture, Japan.  During the manufacturing process, the foundry uses high quality iron-sand found exclusively in this region of Japan to create different grades of steels, including what they term white steels and blue steels.  White and blue don’t refer to the actual color of the steel but rather to the color of paper the raw steel comes wrapped in when it is delivered.  A common practice with Japanese steels, for convenience and clarity, is to name and refer to steel types based on the color of their packaging.  Super Blue is the highest grade Aogami blue steel and contains up to 1.5% carbon to enhance its long-lasting wearability and chrome to elevate its hardness and corrosion resistance.  
The Caly3 folder was founded on the premise that a comfortable, usable pocketknife is one that feels like a natural extension of your hand.  The Caly’s leaf-shaped blade is thick at the tang and tapers to a fine tip with a thin, flat-ground edge for precision and receptive cutting. This blade shape and grind make it an ideal tool for every general cutting application.  Exceptional ergonomics was a primary feature designed into the folder and a careful focus was placed in adding a substantial finger choil where the blade and handle meet.  This “sweet spot” choil settles the index finger into comfortable position, safely guarded behind the blade, and positioning the thumb ergonomically on the blade’s spine.  
Its dove-gray G-10 handle has a mid-positioned back lock with a David Boye Dent for additional lock security.  A low profile wire clip situates the folder deeply inside a pants pocket with the tip facing upward when carried.  Exuding beauty, function and ergonomic comfort, it is limited in number and availability. The Sprint Run Caly3 Super Blue will become a unique addition to any knife person’s collection. 

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