Spyderco Bench Stone (Fine) ~ 302F


Spyderco's bench stones are flat and broad they are highly effective for honing wide tools like plane irons, chisels, large blades, woodworking equipment, even ski edges. More info...

Spyderco Caly3 Damascus Carbon Fiber ~ C113CFPD

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MSRP $369.95

Overall Length 7" (178 mm) Blade Length 3" (76 mm) Steel VG-10 Damascus
Closed Length 4" (102 mm) Edge Length 2.64" (67 mm) Weight 3.7 oz (105 g)
Blade Thickness 0.118" (3 mm) Handle Carbon Fiber

Sprint Run Caly3 with a Damascus steel blade and stainless bolstered carbon fiber handle.
The blade is a unique VG-10 Damascus steel with fifteen laminated layers of erosive and non-erosive material over a VG-10 core center that come together in a Suminagashi pattern.  The erosive layers are hard martensite stainless steel and the non-erosive layers are anti-corrosion nonferrous metal.   These layers block carbon particles in the core from spreading to the outer layers.  After layering the blade is forged to intentionally distort the layer-lines making a complicated, artistically beautiful pattern called Suminagashi.  Suminagashi is a traditional Japanese art form of ripples of Chinese ink on the surface of water.  This steel mimics the artistic pattern with interesting results on a knife blade.  Once the layers are distorted, the blade is bathed in acid, etching a vivid relief pattern.  
The Caly3 folder is founded on the premise that a comfortable, usable pocketknife is one that feels like a natural extension of your hand.  Its leaf-shaped blade is thick at the tang and tapers to a robust tip.  The cutting edge is thin and flat-ground for precision and receptive cutting.  Ergonomics and control are the focus on the design and this is partly accomplished by a substantial finger choil where the blade and handle meet.  At this spot, the index finger settles ergonomically, guiding the thumb into a natural position on the blade’s spine.  
The carbon fiber handle is embellished with stainless steel bolsters and with a mid-positioned back lock that has a David Boye Dent.  The low profile wire clip positions the folder deeply in a pocket facing tip-up.  Beautiful, function, ergonomic. 

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