Spyderco Atlantic Salt Black FRN ~ C89BK

It's been speculated the sheepfoot shaped blade originated with mariners who found the rounded tip especially beneficial when the knife was accidentally dropped (think working on a ship in pitching seas) as it couldn't stab the foot when hitting the deck. More info...

Spyderco Utility Knife 4" Red Sermollan ~ K05RD

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MSRP $26.95

length overall 8.875" (225 mm) blade length 4.5" (116 mm) blade steel MBS-26
length closed N/A (N/A) cutting edge N/A (N/A) weight 1.5 oz (43 g)
blade thickness N/A (N/A) handle material

Our MBS-26 steel proves itself in the kitchen in edge retention, sharpness and cutting performance. Its thin and flat-ground, designed specifically for effortless cutting and slicing through even frozen foods.

Red Sermollan handle has both horizontal and vertical channels designed to keep your hand firmly gripped on the handle even when wet or oily. Available with a SpyderEdge two step serrated blade. Two step serrations wear less over time. The sharpened cusps of the teeth initiate cutting penetration while the keen curves inside follow through. Handwash recommended. Also available with a black handle; see related item below.  DISCONTINUED.