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Spyderco Caly 3.5 G-10 SPRINT ~ C144GGY

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MSRP $224.95

Overall Length 7.625 " (194 mm) Blade Length 3.5 " (89 mm) Steel Super Blue
Closed Length 4.313 " (110 mm) Edge Length 3.125 " (79 mm) Weight 3.2 oz. (91 g)
Blade Thickness .125 " (3 mm) Handle G-10

Spyderco Caly 3.5 Sprint

Spyderco's Sprint Run Caly3.5 is made with Aogami Super Blue steel.  Aogami Super Blue is produced exclusively by Hitachi Metals at their plant in the Shimane Prefecture, Japan.  They use high quality iron-sand found only in this region to create different grades of steels including white steels and blue steels.  The steel itself isn't blue or white in color but the designation refers instead to the color paper the raw steel comes wrapped in when delivered to Hitachi.  In Japan its common practice for steels to be named and referred to; based on the color of the packaging the raw steel is delivered in.  Super Blue is the highest grade blue steel and contains up to 1.5% carbon for wear resistance and chrome to elevate hardness and improve edge holding and corrosion resistance. 

Caly3.5 folders have converted legions of knife buyers to the benefits of flat-ground, thick leaf-shaped blades and this is Spyderco's first folder offering with Super Blue blade steel.  Its blade three and one-half-inch long, thinly ground and PlainEdged to pass easily through material.

The folder's profile is founded on the premise that a comfortable and usable pocketknife feels like a natural extension of your hand.  Better ergonomics translated into better control.  We accomplish this by adding a substantial finger choil that creates a spot for the index finger to naturally settle while positioning the thumb directly above the index finger on the blade's spine. The spine has slip-resistant jimping eliminating the hand slipping forward or backward while gripping the knife. 

The gray G-10 handle features a mid-positioned back-lock with a low profile wire clip to hold the folder deeply in a pocket facing tip-up.

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