Spyderco Stretch British Racing Green ZDP-189 ~ C90GRE


The British Racing Green injection molded FRN handle is surfaced with Bi-Directional Texturing®, creating tactile resistance to sliding or slipping in wet or slippery cutting circumstances. More info...

Spyderco Chinese Folder Nishijin Glass Fiber ~ C65CF

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MSRP $224.95

Overall Length 7.188 " (183 mm) Blade Length 3.156 " (80 mm) Steel VG-10
Closed Length 4.02 " (102 mm) Edge Length 2.875 " (73 mm) Weight 3.0 oz. (86 g)
Blade Thickness .125 " (3 mm) Handle Nishijin Glass Fiber

Spyderco Chinese Folder by Bob Lum

Glass fiber manufacturing is part chemical, part mechanical.  Strands of glass and carbon are drawn into fibers then heated to high temperatures to expel the majority of non-carbon atoms in a process called carbonization.  The process creates filament-like fibers composed of tightly woven chains of glass/carbon that when laminated into sheets makes exceptional knife handles that are lightweight, visually pleasing and wear-resistant.  

Conventional glass fiber is woven, basket-like, horizontally and vertically but our Japanese makers have developed a new weaving process that creates circular and swirled fiber patterns called Nishijin.  Spyderco combines a Nishijin glass fiber handle, with custom knifemaker Bob Lum's Chinese Folder design resulting in an Asian-influenced CLIPIT exuding the simplicity and function of traditional Chinese cutlery in a modern superior cutting tool.  

Inside the Nishijin handle scales are full-length  liners and a  Michael Walker LinerLock'.  The blade is wider at one end, tapering to a point like a leaf and offers a pointed tip for detailed, precise cutting and plenty of width across the blade for serious cutting chores.   The VG-10 steel blade is full flat-ground with a PlainEdge cutting edge and a swedge ground from the spine adding style and lessening overall weight.  A black three-screw metal clip carries the folder right-handed tip-up/tip-down.

Bob Lum passed away several years ago but his folding knife designs continue influencing American cutlery and his Chinese Folder offers Spyderco the opportunity to continue his talented legacy.