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Spyderco Shabaria Carbon Fiber Handle ~ C59CF

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MSRP $259.95

length overall 8.687 " (221 mm) blade length 3.875 " (98 mm) blade steel VG-10
length closed 4.75 " (121 mm) cutting edge 3.687 " (94 mm) weight 4.2 oz. (119 g)
blade thickness .125 " (3 mm) handle material Carbon Fiber

Spyderco Shabaria Carbon Fiber

Knives and history are reflections of each other.  Paleolithic flint tools to modern folding knives; they exist to perform the simple purpose of cutting.  Jordan River Valley nomads centuries ago made and carried a curved fixed-blade called a Shabaria for agriculture and protection. 

Israeli knife designer, Eduard Bradichansky, co-mingled the Shabaria's traditional utilitarian profile into a modern folding knife.  Mr. Bradichansky was a gunsmith and gifted jeweler by trade, new to the knifemaking community, but already attracting collectors and enthusiasts to his fresh design work and crafting skills.  His career cut short, he fell victim to a terrorist attack on the West Bank.

Spyderco is re-releasing a Sprint Run of his Shabaria folder with VG-10 stainless PlainEdge blade and carbon fiber handle.  At first grasp, the handle's hourglass/coffin-shape feels slim and odd in the hand but the conveyance of balance and comfort immediately follows.  The light carbon fiber handle has a black steel clip embellished with a gold Spyderco bug and positions the folder for right-hand, tip-down pocket carry.  A straightforward easy to access and open Michael Walker LinerLock graces the handle's underside

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