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This distinctive curved cutting tool's claw-like tip overwhelms material in its cutting path. More info...

Spyderco Ronin ~ FB09

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MSRP $104.65

Overall Length 7" (178 mm) Blade Length 3" (77 mm) Steel VG-10
Closed Length N/A (N/A) Edge Length 2.812" (71 mm) Weight 3.3 oz (93 g)
Blade Thickness .156" (4 mm) Handle Micarta

What is a Ronin? Translated literally it means "wave man". Rendered understandable to the western world, it's an ancient masterless Samurai warrior. In the knife world the Ronin is a fixed-blade neck knife designed by Michael Janich. Mike Janich took the design to custom knife maker Michael Snody who for several years made and sold a custom version. The Ronin is Spyderco's production version.

By virtue of its short blade length it is lawfully acceptable for carry most anywhere. The blade has a modified Wharncliffe-shape and is crafted of VG-10 stainless steel. Available PlainEdged, the cutting surface is flat-ground, honed thin and fiercely sharp. Made from an imposing 3mm thick slab of steel, the blade comes pressed between two pieces of slate-colored linen Micarta. Texturing along the spine provides a location to place the thumb and offers extra gripping ability when choking up on the blade. On the bottom side of the handle a yawning index finger choil situates the hand for quick retrieval and responsive control while cutting. Three dime-sized holes drilled out of the handle knock out a few grams of weight and provide indexing. Gripped in the hand, the stout little blade and curved handle feel rock solid, goading you to put it to hard-use. The Ronin is now accompanied by a Boltaron belt sheath - Sorry we are all sold out of neck sheaths and will only be producing the belt sheath. Please note the picutred sheath is the neck sheath - sorry for any inconvenience.

Discontinued Product - No Longer Available