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Randall Made Knives All-Purpose Fighting Knife ~ RAN 1-6

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Randall Made Knives All-Purpose Fighting Knife 6-PlainEdge



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6" blade of 1/4" stock.  Top cutting edge also sharpened approximately 3".  4_3/4" - 5" leather handle.  Brass double hilt.  Duralumin butt cap.  This is the knife made famous by Allied combat troops in world War II and since widely used in all theaters of war.  (Weight 8-10 oz.)


No two Randall Made Knives are exactly alike, for no jigs or patterns are used in their final constructions.  Please be aware, variations do occur.  Each Randall craftsman is proud of the reputation these knives have as the world's finest.  And because each knife is hand-made, it possesses an individual characteristic and quality all it's own.  Immense pride is taken in each Randall Made Knife produced, you can take pride in each one-of-a-kind Randall Made Knife that you own.   


Please be aware that Spyderco cannot custom order a Randall Made Knife for you.  If you would like a custom made Randall Made Knife, please contact Randall Made Knives directly (currently there is a 5+ year waiting list). 


Due to the limited availability of Randall Made Knives, Spyderco has implemented a maximum purchase of 2 per quarter per household.  No exceptions. 

NO International Orders.