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Bench Stone Fine 2"X8" ~ 302F


Take your traditional sharpening techniques high tech with this fine-grit alumina ceramic bench stone. More info...

Spyderco Kiwi Carbon Fiber ~ C75CF

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Overall Length 5.438" (138mm) Blade Length 2.375" (60mm) Steel VG-10
Closed Length 3.188" (81mm) Edge Length 1.812" (46mm) Weight 1.625" (47g)
Blade Thickness .093" (2.5mm) Handle Carbon Fiber

Meet the Kiwi. It's not a fruit, bird, or slang for a New Zealander but a gentlemen's lock-back folder by Spyderco. An affable two-inch long (59mm) VG-10 stainless blade bears an almost comical 'bump' just forward of the opening hole. Placed on an otherwise classically shaped Wharncliffe blade, the bump makes the Kiwi look animalistic, almost hunchbacked, but offers a clever slip-resistant site for thumb or index finger for precision or intricate cutting. The blade opens with the round hole and locks snugly via a back-lock. Bitten out of the underbelly of the grip are two deeply cut finger choils. Choil number one positions the index finger, choil number two (cut just behind the first) accommodates the middle finger. While gripping the handle, the choil pair jogs the hand into proper position so it's comfortable and conveys the feeling of a much larger knife in the palm. Reminiscent of old-timer jackknives made with natural handle materials, both sides of the Kiwi's handle are inlayed with carbon fiber slats set into brushed stainless steel bolsters. Also in keeping with the old-time folders the Kiwi is clipless. A curious fusion of techno-futuristic and old-world, it's at home in weekend or Wall Street clothing and is a real looker and amazing performer.

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