Spyderco Cooks Knife ~ K11


This uniquely capable “do-all” kitchen tool is large enough for serious cutting chores, yet offers the refined balance, control, and precision normally reserved for smaller paring knives. More info...

Spyderco SpydeRench ~ T01

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MSRP $134.95

Overall Length 6.875" (175mm) Blade Length 2.5" (64mm) Steel AUS-8
Closed Length 4.563" (116mm) Edge Length 2.25" (57mm) Weight 7.8oz (222g)
Blade Thickness .078" (2.25mm) Handle Stainless Steel

We are proud to reintroduce the T01 SpydeRench, it is truly a revolutionary addition to the multi-tool industry. The T01 SpydeRench includes a real Spyderco knife with a locking full-sized, one-hand open/close knife blade and pocket clip, plus much more. Designed by an aerospace engineer in conjunction with Spyderco's research and development department, the T01 is made of investment-cast 17-4ph corrosion resistant stainless steel and features an adjustable crescent wrench with an opening capacity of 9/16". On the opposite end, a 2-setting slip joint plier fits comfortably in the hand that has been contour casted, no pinched fingers. A set of four screwdriver bits tuck deftly inside, including: a #2 and #3 Phillips-head as well as a #1 and #2 flat-head. The SpydeRench also accepts any standard 1/4" sized bit from your hardware store, including Allen and Torx-?.

The tool also features a diamond-coated file featuring a concave, convex and flat sharpening surface with a small Phillips head on one side and a hole starter on the other end. A unique pivot pin allows the tool to rotate into an extended position that locks open creating a full-sized easy to grip screwdriver and crescent wrench. By releasing the pivot, the screwdriver and knife portion of the tool can separate from the crescent wrench allowing both tools to be used independently and/or simultaneously. AUS-8 premium stainless steel was chosen for the full-sized locking knife blade.

Pocket carry - a nylon case is also included Closing the knife one handed Opening the slip-joint pliers one handed Rotating the two handles into the open and locked position Removing the diamond file / small Phillips screw driver / hole starter Removing the 1/4" bits Included bits and diamond file / small Phillips / hole starter Inserting the bits, they are held in place by a magnet Using the screw driver Pressing the release to close it Aligning the pivot to take the handles apart Taking the handles apart Use each handle to tighten nuts and bolts from each side The knife can used independently as well Closing the knife one handed