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Spyderco Sashimi Wood ~ KX05

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MSRP $59.95

Overall Length 12.25" (311 mm) Blade Length 7.125" (181 mm) Steel AUS-8
Closed Length N/A (N/A) Edge Length 6.625" (169 mm) Weight 3.1 oz (88 g)
Blade Thickness .125" (3 mm) Handle Birch

In the past decade America has been introduced and happily seduced by Asian and other global cooking styles. This inauguration involves way more than just introducing new foods and ingredients, it opened our eyes to new cooking methods, kitchenware/gadgets and cutlery from every continent. Asian influenced kitchen cutlery has become hot! No secret Japanese cutlers have for centuries made high-quality utilitarian knives that are key to their style of food preparation. Example in point is the sashimi knife.

Spyderco's KX05 holds true in offering traditional features of a sashimi knife, used for the artful and precise presentation of Japanese cuisine. Ours has a fully flat-ground>AUS-8W blade. The edges' grind is incredibly thin and keen for precise cutting, flaking, skinning and food separating. Tapered to a spear-point, it possesses a subtle curve with just enough room for a slight arc-level of rocking while cutting. Running two-thirds through the handle, the blade's tang is encased in a birch-wood handle. The wood is routered to an oval profile with a raised ridge running the handle's length. The ridge runs along the same perpendicular line as the cutting edge, letting you (by feel) know where the sharpened edge is cutting at all times. Handwash only.

Discontinued Product - No Longer Available

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