H-1 Will Not Rust!

Spyderco Atlantic Salt Black FRN ~ C89BK


It's been speculated the sheepfoot shaped blade originated with mariners who found the rounded tip especially beneficial when the knife was accidentally dropped (think working on a ship in pitching seas) as it couldn't stab the foot when hitting the deck. More info...

Photon Light ~ FL01

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MSRP $17.17

Years ago Spyderco introduced an eight-inch stone in either fine or medium grit unequivocally designed for the field and range called the 701 Profile. The 702MF Outdoor Pocket Stones are the even more portable four inch models.

702 stones are made of High Alumina Ceramic. A medium grit (brown) stone sharpens very dull edges. A fine grit (white) stone adds a finishing touch for a professional, finely-honed edge. Both stones are used dry without oil or water lubrication making them convenient and mess-free. Elliptical in shape, the Outdoor Profile stones have four distinct sharpening surfaces suitable for plain and serrated edges, shop tools and household items. They provide: A flat surface and large radius for PlainEdges, a small radius for SpyderEdges and a groove running the length of the stones for sharpening pointed objects like fishhooks, awls and darts. (The stones are also sold separately in a chocolate brown, leather case. Please see related items.)

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